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Basic Skills for Kindergarten

Here are few basic skills that can be worked on with children who will be attending Kindergarten. A great resource for all children.

This will ease the transition from home to school.

  • Be able to listen: Child should be able to stop a few minutes to listen to a story or a direction

  • Follow a direction: A large part of school is being able to listen and follow directions. As parents, we should support our children in following simple directions. Ex. Hang your coat on the hook.

  • Having self-confidence: Child should be able to try new activities

  • Be independent: Even if we still need to remind the child how to do something, they should be able to get dressed, use the washroom, brush teeth etc.

  • Respect others and socialize: Answering when spoken to, asking a friend to play

  • Share: child should be able to share a toy/game with a friend (“Can I have that when you’re done?” is a very valuable question)

  • Waiting a turn: child should be able to wait their turn playing a game or waiting for a turn with a toy

  • Completing a task: Child should be able to complete an activity before moving on to the next one. (Example: finish the puzzle before playing cars)

  • Controlling his emotions: When angry, child should be able to control his emotion and express his anger in an acceptable manner (using their words)

  • Accept small frustrations: Child should be able to accept that not all his/her demands will be met immediately

  • Desire to learn: ask what a word means, want to be better at something (catching a ball, skipping, etc.)


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