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Reading Stories

For all kinds of great tips to reading stories with your child. Go to:,-the-Hanen-Way.aspx. You may be thinking, what, I don’t need that, I am a great storyteller. You may well be and that is great. This site gives some great ideas on how to enhance your child’s vocabulary, to promote critical thinking and build your child’s knowledge of print.

Two very important aspects of reading together is the time you and your child are spending together and the communication that takes place during the story. Sometimes you may read through the entire story, other times your child may want to tell a story their way or you may just talk about the pictures.

Does your child ask you to read or tell the same story over and over and over and over again? Children love and thrive on repetition and predictability with daily routines, stories, songs and games. The repetition gives them security, stability and comfort. So embrace reading your child’s favorite story for the billionth time.

Point out the front cover, the title, the author and the illustrator. If this is the first time reading a story, ask your child what they think the story might be about. Whatever answer they give you is ok. They are using their imaginations, and trying to predict. You can respond by telling them the idea is interesting or ask what gives them that idea.

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